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Updates of Note - May 2020

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Heat Maps And Icon Sizing Based on Column/Pin Weight (Video Tutorial)

In this tutorial, we discuss how to create heat maps based on weight vs pin count, as well as how to create pin maps with the icon size being driven off of a weight column.

New Video Tutorials (Updated)

We decided to experiment and create some video tutorials in the hope they might be more effective instruction and better at getting the word out about what features exist in mapalist and how to utilize them. We hope you find value in the first few we put out. Creating your First Map Using Custom Icons Starting from an Excel Sheet Editing your Maps, Post-Creation Syncing your Map and Google Sheet

Valid Geocode Range

Per mapbox , here is some insight on geocode range (that I always have to google to remember): Latitude and longitude  are a pair of numbers ( coordinates ) used to describe a position on the plane of a  geographic coordinate system . The numbers are in decimal degrees format and range from -90 to 90 for latitude and -180 to 180 for longitude. For example, Washington DC has a latitude  38.8951  and longitude  -77.0364 . 

Turkeys and bugs

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we decided to ask Google for some interesting facts about Turkeys.  We learned that turkeys can swim, that baby turkeys are called poults, and most importantly that in the fall turkeys eat bugs.  To that end, we primarily focused on fixing mapalist bugs in November.  Here are just a few of the many bugs that our engineering team squashed.  Maps with more than 25,000 pins were not rendering well - fixed!  The pin filter was ignoring the icon filter but not vice versa - fixed! Pin search was failing when the icon key was not visible - fixed! When an address failed the geocoding process, the process was stopping - fixed! Also, in the spirit of the season, we’ve added some new holiday themed pins. Get to mapping once the tryptophan wears off. Many thanks, Benjy P.S. You can see the full monty of features we added this month and since this year’s reboot by checking out the ever updated release notes .

Happy Feature-ween: Pin Filtering, Toggling, and Sizing, Updates to Map Printing, and Sharing, and much more.

Boo! October is now behind us and, in the spirit of Halloween, we have a number treats (in the form of new features) to share. Dropping a ton of pins on a map can be powerful.  At the same time, it can make a map cluttered and at times unwieldy. To that end, we’ve enabled the concept of pin filtering as well as pin toggling .  Give it a try on your active maps...we think you’ll like it.  But that’s not all when it comes to pins!  Many of you have asked about resizing pins - requesting the ability to make them bigger or smaller based on a specific use case. Pin size configuration is now live and in the wild allowing you to start small (as low as 50% of the standard pin size) or go big (up to 300% of the standard pin size). We get a fair number of questions about printing maps . To that end, we’ve added a print button to the manage maps page and map view page. We’ve also hidden some footer information upon print to make things look a bit cleaner. Map sharing has

Map Creation Just Got a Whole Lot Better...and Kittens!

Hello Mappers, September was another fantastic month in terms of feature development. The majority of our focus over the last 30 days or so was on improving the user experience associated with map creation . The process has been simplified and streamlined through a lot of work on the back-end. There are now fewer steps and error messaging/handling is a heck of a lot better a well. Please give the new map creation wizard a try...we’re pretty sure it will change your life! Oh, and while you’re at it, feel free to select 1 of the 9 new kitten icons available . So cute! In other news, we now provide granular visibility into your map views - when each view occurred and the associated IP address in addition to the location of the viewer (nicely visualized on a map of course). The password reset workflow has also been refactored to make life easier...for you and for us. What’s next you ask?  That’s entirely up to you. Well, maybe not entirely but we’re all about user cent