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Map Creation Just Got a Whole Lot Better...and Kittens!

Hello Mappers, September was another fantastic month in terms of feature development. The majority of our focus over the last 30 days or so was on improving the user experience associated with map creation . The process has been simplified and streamlined through a lot of work on the back-end. There are now fewer steps and error messaging/handling is a heck of a lot better a well. Please give the new map creation wizard a try...we’re pretty sure it will change your life! Oh, and while you’re at it, feel free to select 1 of the 9 new kitten icons available . So cute! In other news, we now provide granular visibility into your map views - when each view occurred and the associated IP address in addition to the location of the viewer (nicely visualized on a map of course). The password reset workflow has also been refactored to make life easier...for you and for us. What’s next you ask?  That’s entirely up to you. Well, maybe not entirely but we’re all about user cent