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July Product Update

(We neglected to post this in July) Hello Mappers, Hope your summer (or winter for those in the southern hemisphere) is off to a fantastic start.  Exciting times here at mapalist ! We’ve been busy jumping into our admittedly aging code base, rolling out new features, and thinking about what’s on the horizon. In the last 30 days we’ve made some awesome progress (if we don’t say so ourselves).  Most of the site is now mobile friendly, Unicode/UTF8 support has been added (finally!), and a ton of old code has been refactored to improve things like synchronization between maps and sheets. A Release Notes page is now available for your viewing pleasure. It offers insight into what’s new as well as a view into what’s next in the queue development. Got something in mind?  Please give us a shout and share your ideas. Of course, we’ve also added a new pricing plan that now supports self service changes along with configurable usage alerts. Thank you to our current subscribers for both your

Custom Icons... and other Features of Note

Hello Mappers, Good things are happening at mapalist and we’re excited to share them with you. Just a few days ago, we released a fun new feature that enables the use of your custom icons on your maps. Ready to give it a whirl?  Make all your custom icon dreams come true. We hope this long time coming highly requested update is intuitive, but just in case, we added a step by step. Log in and click on your username (upper right) to visit the account page . Click on the custom map settings tab . If you have an image ready to go, click on the box to upload (we support PNG and SVG formats). If not, visit and search for “PNG” or “SVG” followed by the type of image you’re looking for (e.g., “PNG baseball bat”, “SVG windmill”) - from there you can save and upload it. Rinse and repeat for as many images you desire. In other release related news, we’ve updated the account page with tabs making it easier to navigate. On that same page ( on the billing tab