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Password Reset Workflow Refactor

We rolled out a new password reset workflow yesterday. Why did we spend time on this?  Sending passwords via email on reset and requiring security Q+A, ... these were normal for 2007 when we started this, but UX and opsec best practices has evolved. Users had been having trouble w/ the existing workflow, which meant user pain and our time to service - more time on support means less time on developing. What was the approach? Find a best practice to copy from the wild: Slack .   Nitty Gritty We looked for the best experience and that was slack, so we copied 90% of what we saw.  Magic links are not yet rolled out but are a stones throw if we so desire in the future. One difference between us and slack is that some of our usernames are not emails, so we had to account for that.  No longer are secret question and answer requested on register, nor managed on account page.  In helping users w/ password issues, users can now head to the forgot page and s

Edit Maps, Pink Styling, and More Icons? It’s all here!

Hello Mappers, We’re proud to share that one of your most requested features is now live - the ability to edit existing maps . From the manage page , simply click on the edit map button to be whisked away to a magical place that allows you to change all the settings for your map (and make your wildest dreams come true). That means no need to recreate your maps just to change the map type, advanced criteria, icons, or any other attributes for that matter. We’ve also enabled map cloning from the manage page as a nice to have feature. Piggybacking on last month’s release of custom map icons, we've added support for JPG and GIF formats (in addition to PNG and SVG).  We've also added to the stock set of icons available through the normal map creation process. Behind the scenes, map security and privacy has also been a focus. Last but not least, for those that want to add some flair to their maps, we’ve added custom map styles - pink, retro, night, aubergine*, silver, and