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Now Supporting The New Google Sheets: Upgrade Steps for Legacy Users

Howdy. Just a quick post to announce we recently launched support for the new Google Sheets -- I think they were previously called Google Spreadsheets, but alas, the new name and UI are more aerodynamic... MapAList has recently been updated to support the new Google Sheets. To harness these new features, one must re-authorize MapAList's access to one's Google Docs.  (Note: This is only required for legacy users.) Take no action and only (the old) Google Spreadsheets will be supported. Follow the steps below, to keep up with the Joneses, and  be able to map from the new Google Sheets, as well as the old format. Steps: 1) Go to and log in 2) Go to MapAList's Google Auth Page 3) Click "Accept" on the Google page to enable MapAList to use your Google Sheets on your behalf 3.5) 10 push-ups, because if you don't have your health... 4) Try creating your map again 5) Let us know how you fared What you are doing is switching your account